Thai Massage Liniment Oil from Wat Pho Temple


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Established by King Rama, Wat Pho is the highest grade first class royal temple in Bankok. now a Bhuddist temple housing the largest collection of Bhudda images in Thailand.

Believed to be the first public university of Thailand the temple is used to educate many in various fields such as medicine, midwifery, science, religion and literature.

Thai massage practices and details of the various thereputic pressure point are detailed across 60 plaques to aid practitioners. This cultural heritage site is both a wonder and inspiration, although not a pilgramage site it contains may depictions including the reclining Bhudda with the various symbols used to idenitfy him displayed on the feet in 108 panels.

With the heritage and long established medical teachings provided you can be assured of a high quality and chakra replenishing Liniment oil for use in massage therapy.


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